30 Google Products That Failed Big Time

Google employs some of the brightest and smartest minds of the generation, offers the happiest, most productive workplaces in the world and amazing perks. Google is synonymous for excellence in technology, first thing that comes into everyones mind when thinking about Google is their brilliance in software engineering.

Let’s just say Google = Best Minds + Great Workplace + Staggering Perks.

It took Google less than a decade to dominate the world and today Google is everywhere on the internet. How did Google get there? By just employing the best and offering big bucks? There are companies in the world who offer similar or more benefits (Microsoft, hello!) yet nowhere near compared to Google’s achievements.

Why is Google succeeding? How did they become the world’s most valuable company? How are they able to retain this position from nearly a decade? Why is no one able to challenge Google’s dominance?

The answer is they fail fast and fail often

Yes, Google fails fast and often. Looking at the trend it’s evident that they are not afraid of doing this repeatedly and they intend to continue this trend. This approach helps Google learn a great deal about the nature of online development, experimentation, and innovation itself.

Google is awfully quiet about these failures – Instead of publicising the results of failure it just seems to be saying as little as possible and move on to the next project.

Here is the list of 30 Google products that failed big time.

This list only projects widely known Google’s projects, there are thousands of internal projects and less popular projects which are helping Google fail fast and succeed faster.


Google Hire Provides a system for employers to collect applications and search for job candidates all set to fail in 2020.
Google URL Shortener Started to turn down support on March 30 2018 and is planned to be discontinued by March 30 2019.
Google Plus Social media platform will be closing on April 2 2019.
Google Allo Instant messaging app. Planned to be closing in March 2019.
Google Inbox Planned to be discontinued by March 2019.
Google Fusion Tables A service for managing and visualising data. The service will be shut down on December 3 2019.
Google Spaces Group discussions and messaging. Discontinued on April 17 2018.
Google Showtimes Move showtime search engine. Discontinued  Nov 2018.
Google Hands Free Retail checkout without using your phone or watch. Discontinued on February 8 2018.
Google Portfolios Personal financial securities tracker. Deprecated in November 2017.
Google Feed API Download public Atom or RSS feeds using JavaScript. Deactivated on December 15 2016.
Google Picasa Web Photo organisation and editing application. Replaced by Google Photos 2016.
Google Nexus Smartphone lineup replaced by Google Pixel on October 4 2016.
Google Moderator Rank user submitted questions suggestions and ideas via crowdsourcing. Discontinued on June 30 2015.
Google BebaPay Prepaid ticket payment system. Discontinued on March 15 2015.
Google Helpouts Hangout based live video chat with experts. Discontinued on April 20 2015.
Google Earth Enterprise Google Earth for enterprise use. Discontinued on March 20 2015.
Google Questions and Answers Community driven knowledge market website. Discontinued on December 1 2014.
Google Orkut Social networking website. Discontinued on September 30 2014.
Google Schemer Social search to find local activities. Discontinued on February 7 2014.
Google SMS Mobile phone short message service. Discontinued on May 10 2013.
Google Meebo A social networking website discontinued on June 6 2013.
Google Wave Online communication and collaborative real time editor tool. Support ended on April 30 2012.
Google Knol Write authoritative articles related to various topics. Discontinued October 1 2012.
Google Friend Connect Add social features to websites. Discontinued on March 1 2012.
Google Website Optimizer Testing and optimisation tool. Discontinued on August 1 2012.
Google Code Search Software search engine. Discontinued on January 15 2012.
Google Notebook Online note taking and web clipping application. Discontinued in July 2012.
Google Blog Search Weblog search engine. Discontinued in July 2011.
Google Buzz Social networking service integrated with Gmail. Discontinued in December 2011.