Are Bad decisions killing your business?

The important thing is, ‘Not to stop questioning’, curiosity has its own reason for existing -Albert Einstein

An incorrect recruitment can change the face of your business. It’s like bad food, when you eat it you may not know what’s in store for you next morning.

Well in that case you need:

  1. A strong and efficient recruitment system.
  2. Good Decision-making skills.
  3. Logical Reasoning.
  4. Dynamic evaluation skills.

“Recruitly” is a cloud-based Agency Recruitment Software, bundled up with distinguished features which makes hiring talent a seamless experience. We gather all the raw material and prepare a customized recipe for you that definitely suits your system.

# How we built the system?

A team of agency recruiters came together with the challenges they faced while supplying potential talent to their clients. Challenges like:

  1. Following GDPR compliance for thousands of records.
  2. Managing a huge database.
  3. Tracking revenue flow.
  4. Multi user agent performance evaluation.
  5. Marketing.

Their expertise and our technology turned out to be a productive combination.

In the SaaS industry, the way you react to your customer’s feedback has a huge impact on your growth scale. So we collaborated with our clients to come up with the best software for recruitment.

# Our clients asked us some questions in the segment we like to call “Can I ?

  1. Can I migrate all my old data into your system?
  2. Can I have multiple users working on one account?
  3. Can I categorize my records?
  4. Can I parse a CV directly in your system?
  5. Can I integrate with my email system?
  6. Can I advertise on a website or job boards?
  7. Can I send SMS from the system?
  8. Can I track an applicant added to a pipeline?
  9. Can I manage marketing from within the system?
  10. Can I customize your system as per my requirement?

If you have more questions email us at