Every new situation needs a new architecture

Real luxury is customization – Lapo Elkann


Would you pay money for something that does not suit you? Clearly, it would not make sense. If the shoe doesn’t fit you would generally look for another shoe.

Here at Recruitly we say, "If the shoe does not fit, we will make it your size”.

Every new situation needs a new architecture. The structure of your business system speaks a lot about your work too. It defines the amount of efficiency and quality.

# How does customization work in the recruitment industry?

The Recruitment industry runs on the database. Apart from being able to segregate important records from the raw pool of data, setting up correct parameters and values also plays an important role in the process.

  • Industries you work with- Every agent will have a different portfolio of companies. The job profile description demands a different package of skills every time. In such cases to make life simpler always define Industry.

Meaning = Set up a Master data of your own where you can add the customized industries you work with. Then link them to your records in your database.


Allan Schiller is a recruiter who has a requirement of a Business Analyst for a market research company. Therefore Hailey ( agent) sets up the company and defines “industry =market research” ( already defined Industry )

Now, Hailey has various industries defined within her system, mostly the ones she works with on regular basis.

She has also linked these industries with candidates profile based on their previous work experience.

Hailey needs to now filter candidates by ‘Market Research’ and she will get her first round of candidates and then sort them head as per her requirement.

Having the ability to create your own values made Hailey’s job easier.

  • Setting up tags-  Tags are words that describe you or anything close to you. This mainly works for candidates the best. It gives it a brief idea of the candidates’ skills and achievements. You can decide their eligibility that way.


Suzanne Keller, a Recruiter from ABC bank has a requirement of a consultant.

Martha ( agent) filters her data by “industry = banks

Then filters it by tags ( previously added to candidates ) = Finance

Martha now has the ‘spot on’ list of eligible candidates.

>>  But manual work can be tough

Know every candidate to assign tags seems practically impossible. It consumes too much time and energy. It may also lead to human errors.

Let the system automate the process !!!

Define a Skill you want and the system will go looking out for it. Makes Sense? Not yet… Let me explain.


Martha has 100 CV’s with her which she wants to add to the system. The CV’s are diverse and from various different sectors.

She commands the system that if any of the CV’s have ‘Finance’ or synonyms = banking, accounting, accountant, a financial consultant in it, set up Finance as a skill within their record.

The system parses all 100 CV’s and finds out skills for all of them automatically.

Martha now filters the list of candidates by “Skill=Finance”.

Why work hard, when you can work super smart !!!

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