Google fined €50 million for a breach of GDPR!

Google fined €50 million for a breach of GDPR!

Make no mistake, GDPR is not something to be taken lightly, personal data is strictly protected under GDPR regulations, Google has been fined a whopping €50 million for infringing the GDPR.

At Recruitly we believe GDPR is all about openness and integrity. If you are storing and processing personal information then it is your responsibility to let the data subjects (contacts/candidates) know what information you hold and how you plan to use.

Why was Google fined?

Google did not have a valid legal basis to process user data for ad personalisation, as mandated by the GDPR. In simple terms users were not sufficiently informed about how their personal information is used.

What does this mean for me, as a recruitment business owner?

You have to obtain consent from your contacts & candidates in full, for all the processing operations purposes carried out by you using their personal data.

I am a small business and I know my contacts personally, do I still need to comply?

In case of a GDPR audit you need to be able to demonstrate your compliance. Knowing your contacts doesn’t give your right to store and process their details without an explicit consent.

Size of the business doesn’t really matter.

What happens if I do not comply?

You would end-up paying a maximum fine of €20 million or 4% of a company’s global turnover whichever is higher.

How does Recruitly help?

Recruitly automates and simplifies GDPR consent process and provides an intuitive UI to monitor and manage compliance. As a part of Recruitly subscription you get a comprehensive GDPR framework, which helps you not only achieve but also demonstrate and maintain GDPR compliance.