How much money did Google pay in fines to the EU

EU regulators have just handed over a hefty £1.3 billion bill to the search giant Google for not playing by their rules.

A bill of this big for most businesses would mean end of play, but not for Google because it’s just too rich with a market valuation of $739 billion.  What does this figure mean for the rest of the world (well for less fortunate countries)? Let’s take a look.

Many countries can go debt free with this sum!

Google has been the big whale in the sea since decades now, it has had its own way of working and acquiring the entire ocean too. Since the stringent EU laws Google has fallen into a bit of trouble due to its aggressive approach to capture the market. The EU has proved to be the white shark of this sea and has imposed no tolerance within its territory.

Let’s take a look at the fines paid by Google just in the last 3 years within the EU.

2017 Abused dominance by manipulating search results to favour its own comparison shopping service.

It denied other companies the chance to compete on the merits and to innovate. And most importantly, it denied European consumers a genuine choice of services and the full benefits of innovation.

Fine Paid: £2.06 billion

2018 AntiTrust Violations – Serious illegal behaviour to secure the dominance of its search engine on mobile phones.

Google has used its Android mobile phone operating system to cement its dominance as a search engine, preventing rivals from innovating and competing The vast majority of users simply take what comes with their device and don’t download competing apps.

Fine paid: £3.8 billion

2019 Advertising Violations

Google forced businesses to sign contracts if they wanted to use the company’s technology to provide search functions on their own websites. Companies could also run adverts alongside those results using Google’s AdSense for Search, but the EU said Google used the feature to muscle out competitors.

Fine paid: £1.3 billion

Thumping $10 billion fines in just a span of 3 years!

Just in the last 3 years the EU regulators have fined Google with approx $10 billion as a penalty for violating various laws. Google wouldn’t lose their sleep over this number but did you know that more than 30 countries can go completely external debt free with the money Google paid in fines just in the EU?

Countries that could completely go external debt free with this sum.

Country Debt in USD
Central African Republic 767100000
Solomon Islands 757000000
Fiji 750400000
Aruba 693200000
Burundi 619800000
Gambia The 619700000
Eswatini 548200000
Saint Lucia 523200000
Kosovo 506000000
Samoa 447200000
Turkmenistan 443400000
Antigua and Barbuda 441200000
Faroe Islands 387600000
Sao Tome and Principe 343400000
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 324400000
Timor-Leste 311500000
Dominica 288600000
Tonga 233500000
Saint Kitts and Nevis 198000000
Vanuatu 185400000
Comoros 131100000
New Caledonia 112000000
Marshall Islands 97960000
Micronesia Federated States of 93600000
Anguilla 41040000
Kiribati 40900000
Greenland 36400000
British Virgin Islands 36100000
Montserrat 8900000
Wallis and Futuna 3670000
Niue 418000

Figures extracted from CIA fact book.


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