Recruitment Process- User story

The cost of hiring someone bad is so much greater than missing out on someone good.

The parameter that runs the recruitment business is quality of delivery. To create something completely exquisite you need to find the correct blend.


A user Journey/ Story: This is a user story of Lorraine Kvinsky from ABC INC. She has been a recruitment agent for 5 years now. She started using Recruitly 6 months ago. Her very first project was working for QBC Pharma to recruitment 3 Business analysts.

Step 1: Potential Business lead- Recruitly’s first module is a CRM ( Client relationship management). At this stage you identify a potential lead and add them into the system. So Lorraine added QBC as a lead.

  • Create a profile
  • Add all the relevant information
  • Communicate directly from the system
  • Set reminders
  • Add notes
  • Convert ( when the deal is cracked)

Step 2: After working on the lead, QBC provided a confirmation about the job requirements. Lorraine then converted the lead into an opportunity and further converted the requirements into a Job.

  • Add Job description
  • Specify the salary structure
  • Specify the completion fee
  • Set permissions to advertise

Step 3: Now Lorraine needs to set up a pipeline for Business Analysts for QBC pharma. She searches her list of candidates by skills- Business analyst + Industry= Pharma.

  • Use the filtering system
  • Search by various parameters


Decides to advertise the job opening on job boards and websites. In that way, she will get new applications other than her list of candidates.

  • Select a range of job boards
  • Integrate via API to websites
  • Publish job link on social media

Step 4: After adding candidates to the pipeline she will send across eligible candidates CV’s to QBC pharma for interview rounds. The Applicant tracking system will have all the required data.

  • Set up an interview
  • Add events
  • Accept or reject
  • Change status
  • Send an email or SMS

Step 5: Elvin Koto was selected as a Business analyst for QBC pharma. As soon as Elvin received an offer letter, an invoice from ABC INC was sent to QBC as their fees.                                 





In this way, Lorraine Kvinky could complete her job efficiently because she had all the function at one place.

(Note: We have NOT revealed real client or company names. Only names are fictional)
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