Tactics for attracting candidates

Despite living in the digital, super-connected online age, connecting with potential candidates can be difficult.

Being heard above the ‘noise’ of your competitors is one of the main barriers to making contact with those with the potential to fill your vacancies, however, if you look at the problem in a slightly different way, you can use the wealth of online platforms that exist to your advantage.

The majority of the younger generation is perpetually plugged into the online world, so it makes sense that you’ll find whom you’re looking for there.

In this article, we take a look at some unusual, but effective ways of grabbing the attention of the talent your business need to survive.

1. Engagement Through Video

When you’re trying to attract potential candidates, gaining interaction can be essential.

A great way to do this is by creating an interactive video that you can use either on your website or at events or job fairs that you attend.

Depending on the positions you’re trying to fill, you can tailor your video to gain insight into your candidate’s needs via a carefully chosen set of questions.

The technology exists to create an interactive video that guides the user to the most suitable jobs you have available.

After the interaction has finished, you can then provide an option to receive more information about the role that is flagged as ideal for their needs.

The result is instantly tailored and warm leads.

2. Video-Based Work Culture Content

If you’re trying to attract candidates for one of your major clients, creating a video that details what it’s like to work for that company can be very compelling.

While it might not be someone’s first consideration and down the list of priorities after salary and working hours, everybody likes the idea of working in a dynamic, friendly and nurturing environment.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, and a work culture video can provide a fantastic extra string to your bow when trying to convince candidates to apply.

3. Social Media

While using social media platforms to recruit people is nothing new, if you get creative, a great deal of ‘buzz’ can be created using hashtags to appeal to the competitive spirit of your audience.

Asking for ideas and answers to be tweeted to you in return for the chance to be shortlisted for a job can create not only interest but also a stream of well-qualified candidates – all eager for the opportunity to impress.

In Summary

To gain a competitive advantage for your recruitment agency, techniques like these can be instrumental and don’t necessarily have to cost much or take too long to put together.

Pervading the consciousness of the people you want to attract often takes little unconventional thinking and a knowledge of where to look.

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