Why am I so important?

Have you ever felt the pressure of being the best?

Who am I? I am a CV (Curriculum Vitae)

An important piece of document. Employers judge your abilities by just glancing at a paragraph or two – which leaves you about10 to 30 seconds to impress.

Let me tell you my story and my journey.

I was created by my Human (Steve) soon after completing his graduation. He copied some text from the internet and named me “Steve’s Resume”. I was this happy 1-page document with even “playing basketball” listed as his skill.

I made my way into too many systems and databases, and thousands of eyes were scanning me every day. At first, I was super confused about what is happening. However, I eventually realised that I was Steve’s identity. Wow! That was a huge responsibility. In about two months Steve found a Job and was thrown into the abyss.

One beautiful day Steve came back to me in such a hurry, he looked pale and worried, didn’t take too long to realise Steve lost his job, and I was his best hope. He dug me from the abyss and started updating me with tons of more and sensible information. Fair to say I didn’t look anything like my first version. Good for Steve.

Steve forwarded me to several recruiters and most of them “parsed” me using their systems to extract information. However, it was different from agency to agency; Parsing process would retrieve critical data from the CV and leave out the rest. As time went by, skills and experience increased but there was no way to update the agencies about my new skills. Jobs got out of hands because of missing skills/keywords which in turn resulted in failing to make it to the searches/lists.

End of the story: Steve couldn’t find the job he was eligible for on time.

Steve could have landed a dream job if he kept his CV update with all the skills and if the parsing process was smart enough to assert skills from his experience.

At Recruitly we may not be able to help Steve keep his CV updated, but we certainly offer a CV Parsing Engine which allows you to extract essential details – even map synonyms – and improves the search range and quality.