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Email Marketing Platform

Email provides a great opportunity to reach your audience and improve your branding, with email marketing solution built right into your recruitment database you can send design, send and track email campaigns.

Email Marketing
Email Template Designer

Design beautiful templates

Recruitly's intuitive email editor offers easiest, quickest way to design elegant, mobile responsive emails with little effort. You can design email templates customized to fit your brand, add your own images, texts and match colors!

You can also import your existing HTML code to Recruitly let our editor turn it into an editable email template automatically.

Merge Tags

Personalise with Merge Tags

Build dynamic templates to personalise emails.Use merge tags to render personalised content for your audience from the campaigns you send. Mail merge - unlike sending a message to a group of people - makes each recipient of the message the sole recipient.

Personalised emails are far more likely to be opened and read, so this can be a powerful technique for boosting engagement.

Email Campaign Stats

Measure Performance

You can track everything from who opened and clicked your campaigns, health of your email lists and performance of your campaigns and segments. Gain valuable insights to shape your email marketing strategies.


Email Campaigns

Send e-shots directly from Recruitly, and create stunning campaigns for lead generation and engagement.

Email Templates

Create branded and re-usable email templates with our easy-to-use HTML editor.

Distribution Lists

Create static distribution lists or link with one of your saved searches.

Bounce Check

We safeguard your sender reputation by validating emails and checking for bounces before actually sending.

Dedicated IP

You can opt for a dedicated IP address to take full control of emails sent from your IP to increase inbox placements.


Monitor your campaign performance using built-in dashboards.

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