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Fast and Effective

Job Distribution Platform

Stop wasting time posting to tens of job boards manually, advertise your vacancies to multiple job boards, social media networks, and to your website careers page instantly using Recruitly Job Distribution and Multi-posting tool. Combined with Job Application Manager tool system enables a simple and reliable interface between candidates and recruiters.

Job Ad Distribution

Boost Application Completion Rate

One of the most common reasons that candidates desert an application midway through is that the process is simply too long.

Recruitly solves this problem elegantly by reducing the number of hops required to make a successful application.

Custom Integration

Job Distribution & Application Management Made Easy

Job board integration is another example of the process efficiency delivered by Recruitly's all-in-one Recruitment Platform. Vacancies are posted automatically to job boards with the link to apply in the ATS. Applicants create their account and complete the application process. All applications can be stored, reviewed, screened, tracked, communicated using the Job Application Management tool.

Recruiters can post jobs faster and with less work to find top candidates quickly, communicate with applicants, track recruitment stage, and with just a couple of clicks convert the job applicatino into a candidate profile without re-entry of data.

Job Application Stats

Measure Performance

Post your job adverts to job boards and social media channels instantly with Recruitly job posting tool. Each job you advertised is automatically tagged with an unique code to measure and track the success. With this information, ROI reporting is available in real-time, making it easier to focus your efforts and investments into sources that deliver quality candidates. Analyse the performance of your applications in comparison with your posted job adverts or placements.

Custom Integration

Bespoke job-board integration

Recruitly integrates with popular Job Boards and Aggregators to get your jobs the exposure they need, however we understand that not every job-board is for you. We offer bespoke job-board integration service as a part of your Recruitly subscription, with minimal or no cost we can hook any job-board of your choice into Recruitly in a matter of days.

Talk to us today to discuss your requirements.


Post a job

Post quickly and seamlessly to top job boards, aggregators, social networks, and to even your website with just a few clicks.

Manage applications

Recruitly captures all job applications and provides a single easy-to-use interface to review, rank and communicate with candidates.

Website Integration

Convert your website into a fully featured job-board in minutes using Recruitly's FREE Wordpress Plugin.

Source Tracking

Automated and intelligent tracking of distributed job listings lets you know how your sources are performing, leading to true ROI.

Auto Responses

Configurable auto-response email templates to acknowledge job applications and to communicate with candidates throughout hiring pipeline.


Provides analytics including applications, job boards, placements and many more that allow you to see which job board works better for your job adverts.

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