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Recruitment CRM

Recruitly® Recruitment CRM is designed specifically for staffing agencies. Productivity boosting tools, elegant UI and all your favourite features like client portals, lead scoring, opportunity management, email, sms, activity tracking and more all in one place.

Search, Sort and Filter
Lightning fast search, plenty of sort options and dynamic filters at your service.

Freedom from clicks
Infinite scrolling view loads pages automatically as you scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

GDPR & Privacy management
Send GDPR consent requests and manage marketing preferences.

Client Portals
Offer self-service portal for your clients and provide ability to gauge status of all open jobs.

Everyone on the same page
Recruitly captures emails, notes, conversations, docs and files into contact's history.

CRM Software

Be more organized, collaborate and make more placements

Get a full view of your customer - activity, conversations, opportunities, and the tasks and appointments scheduled with them. Learn everything about your customers, and engage in personalized conversations.


No more fragmented customer information in spreadsheets and emails across your company.

No Clutter

Your team speaks one language as Recruitly gives one complete view of your customer.

Appointments, tasks and files

Appointments, tasks, notes and files

Collaborate with your team on tasks. Schedule meetings or demos with your leads and prospects, and get email alerts to remind you. Make quick notes against each contact, manage and share files.

Email Integration

Gmail and Outlook Integration

360° integration with Outlook and Gmail meaning you can send emails from your Gmail or Outlook account and they are all tracked in the Recruitly CRM. You can even keep track of email opens, clicks, and more..

Email Templates

Email Templates

Recruitly CRM offers Email Templates with Merge Tags to send one message to multiple recipients. Email templates can be also be used to send Mass Emails to leads/contacts or send Email notifications to the Recruitly CRM users upon triggering a workflow rule.

Client Portal

Branded Client Portals

Offer your clients a branded self-service portal where they can see the status of applicants that you have put forward to them, details of the candidate, view/download their CV, manage interviews and send a message to the consultant dealing with the job all linked directly into your Recruitly account.

A CRM that works for you

Built-in Email

Send emails right from your CRM or from your email client. Everything is recorded against your customer record automatically.

2-Way SMS

Send and receive SMS directly without leaving your account. Use virtual numbers to receive calls and keep those conversations going.

Lead Generators

Generate dynamic lead forms to capture website visitors as leads directly into Recruitly account once they submit the form.

Bulk Actions

Select multiple records and perform bulk actions like updating statuses, adding tags add notes, assigning tasks, and changing owners.


Bulk import records into your CRM account. Dynamic mapping allows you to map your data to relevant fields while importing.

Teams & Roles

Create the teams, assign leads and opportunities, control user access and gain useful insights with our elegant reports.

Calendar Integration

Keep your CRM events and appointments in sync with your Google or Outlook calendars.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields and customize your CRM as per your requirements, keep track of information relevant to your organization.

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