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Up-To-Date Data

View and convert: Direct dial phone numbers and emails? We've got you covered and much more. Keep your database Fresh with Recruitly Chrome plugin. Map and update details with few clicks.

Say bye-bye to the traditional boring recruitment process and Keep your data fresh!

Google Chrome Extension

Source Leads, Contacts and Candidates

No more back and forth or manual data entry, let Recruitly take care of extracting all the data for you.

With just a single click you can source leads, contacts and candidates and add them to your Recruitly account!

Recruitly automatically extracts and saves personal details, contact details, skills, employment and education history.

Update Records from Google Chrome Extension

Candidate updated their contact details? Changed their role? or a Contact switched company?

No problem! You can directly update these details from Chrome Extension without logging into your Recruitly account.

Add Notes and View Activity

Understanding the context and ability to pick-up from where you left is very important in Recruiting.

Recruitly helps you by providing the full context when you view a person on LinkedIn by displaying their notes, emails, and all other activity within Recruitly - Not just your activity but entire teams' activity!

Assign Candidates to Jobs

Assign candidates to jobs directly from your LinkedIn extension and track/change the status of the application!

Great way to understand if a candidate is already in pipeline and where they are in the process!

Add Leads and Contacts to Pipeline

Visual pipelines/ kanban boards help you organise your data and stay on top of your recruiting or sales processes.
You can directly add a person to your Sales or Recruiting pipeline from your extension!

Add records to Folders

Recruitly lets you organise your data in Folders - be it Talent Pools or Key Skills or Decision Makers list - you can add the records to multiple folders and perform bulk actions as you see fit.
Our Google chrome extension allows you to assign your records to folders without having to login to Recruitly!

Track the status of application

Do you constantly engage with candidates on LinkedIn? If so this could be your favourite feature!

When viewing a candidate along with the full context like their notes/activity within Recruitly you can also view the jobs they already applied to or shortlisted for.

It makes it very easy to communicate with the candidates and avoids mis-communication when you working in a team as all members of your team view the same data - and speak one language.

Designed for Recruiters

Recruitly is designed with productivity in mind. Our intuitive UI keeps the clutter away and lets you focus on what really matters.

Let's grow together

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