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Recruitly offers a lightweight WordPress plugin to help building recruitment websites faster and for adding job-board functionality with just simple clicks. Being WordPress shortcode based, it can work with any theme and is really simple to install and configure. Recruitly also offers a line of Elementor and DIVI widgets to help you fine-tune your design elements and adjust features, so you can get the most out of your pages.

WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

Recruitly WordPress plugin establishes a 360 degree integration with your Recruitly database and turns your website into a fully featured job-board within a matter of minutes.

Includes dynamic short-codes, allowing you to easily build a unique job-board that fit your business requirements.

Very simple and easy to install and set-up. Activate the plugin using API Key and Server details which you can obtain from our support team who are online 24/7 on Live Chat.

Recruitment websites using Elementor

Elementor Widgets

Elementor is a WordPress plug-in which allows you to build web pages with a bunch of drag and drop tools, making customisations easy.

You can build your website even faster with Recruitly widgets for Elementor and customise your job-board easily and directly. You can even design your entire job-board from one screen.

Recruitly Elementor widgets offer advanced design customisations, simply drag and drop the Job Listing and Search widgets onto your page and fine-tune the look and feel to get the exact results you need with little or no effort.

Website Lead Forms

Web Forms

Generate leads and opportunities directly from your website and let the Candidates submit their CV's without actually applying for the jobs. You can even customise the look and feel, fields and formatting all from your Recruitly account.

Recruitly lead generator module allows you to build custom web forms to capture information from your website visitors and store this data as Leads or Opportunities in your database.

You can also accept CVs from the candidates by simply placing a piece of HTML code on your website.

recruitly application form

Job Application Forms

Using the built-in form designer you can customise the job application forms to capture the most relevant information for the role.

Apply your own branding, switch fields on/off and set qualification questions to filter applications before they reach your inbox.

You can also capture up-to 5 files within the job application form.

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