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To catchup with the competition and to stay ahead of the curve, it is very important you invest in the right set of tools that boost productivity and streamline your processes from day one.

Recruitment CRM for Startups

Starting a new business is no cake-walk. It is difficult and time consuming, when it comes to choosing the right CRM. It could get quite confusing with so many options around. We therefore offer a FREE 1-Week trial for all our customers to give them the time to assess the suitability of our system. We even work with your team to discuss your bespoke needs and build them as a part of your on-boarding process.

Recruitly is rated #1 by many recruiters across the globe for its fantastic product and exceptional service.

Top Rated Recruitment CRM on Capterra

Easy to use, straight forward, easily adapted, covers everything we need to run a recruitment business.

Dianne West
Managing Director

Get organised

Every successful big business was at one time a small business. Choosing the right toolset today is essential for your business to succeed tomorrow.

We've built a Recruitment CRM for startups which helps you get organised, focus on the right aspects and make more placements in less time.

  • Ready to use within minutes
  • Affordability
  • Ease of use and good looking UI
  • Native mobile apps and integrations
  • Security and Privacy
  • Support and Training

Helping Startups

Recruitly is pricing is structured with startups in mind; Flexible, feature-packed and economical. Hundreds of startups are using Recruitly to streamline their recruitment processes.

Customers in over 60 countries

100% of our reviewers recommended Recruitly to a friend or colleague.

Providing outstanding customer support is on top of our agenda. We strive to wow our customers through amazing service while perfecting the experiences they have with us.

High recommendation
Fast, responsive and a support team that understood what we were talking about, and made sure they solved any issue or question immediately,
Great support
Easy to use and where we have suggested improvements or changes these have been supported and implemented immediately.
Ease of setup and great support
This is an incredibly quick system to implement! Already has integrations with the Job Boards we use. The job portal was live in minutes!
Awesome solution to our needs!
Very easy to search the CVs and to communicate with candidates. I particularly enjoyed using marketing tools.
Well worth making the change
The integration is the biggest positive given now we can easily manage candidates all from via one system. Support team is amazing!
Great recruitment software!
I have peace of mind over anything involving the ATS because Recruitly support is second to none!

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