Ingenious and Simple 

Recruitly® Recruitment CRM is designed specifically for staffing agencies. Productivity boosting tools, elegant UI and all your favourite features

Organise, Collaborate, Engage

Get a full view of your customer – activity, conversations, opportunities, and the tasks and appointments scheduled with them. Learn everything about your customers, and engage in personalized conversations.

Email Templates

Recruitly CRM offers email templates with Merge Tags to send one message to multiple recipients. Email templates can be also be used to send mass emails to leads/contacts or send email notifications to the CRM users upon triggering a workflow rule.

Branded Client Portals

Offer a branded client portal within a centralised and secure environment. Allow your clients to simply log in, review candidates, upload and view files, have discussions and communicate, organise tasks, set events and much more without having to go back and forth on emails.

More features

Built-in Email
Send emails right from your CRM or from your email client. Everything is recorded against your customer record automatically.
2-Way SMS
Send and receive SMS directly without leaving your account. Use virtual numbers to receive calls and keep those conversations going.
Lead Generators
Generate dynamic lead forms to capture website visitors as leads directly into Recruitly account once they submit the form.
Bulk Actions
Select multiple records and perform bulk actions like updating statuses, adding tags add notes, assigning tasks, and changing owners.
Bulk import records into your CRM account. Dynamic mapping allows you to map your data to relevant fields while importing.
Teams & Roles
Create the teams, assign leads and opportunities, control user access and gain useful insights with our elegant reports.
Calendar Integration
Keep your CRM events and appointments in sync with your Google or Outlook calendars.
Custom Fields
Add custom fields and customise your CRM as per your requirements, keep track of information relevant to your organisation.

Designed for Recruiters

Recruitly is designed with productivity in mind. Our intuitive UI keeps the clutter away and lets you focus on what really matters.

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