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Recruitment CRM and ATS  

Discover all features

Recruitment CRM and ATS  

From parsing resumes and tracking emails to interview scheduling – Recruitly Recruitment CRM and ATS (Applicant Tracking System) has a number of features to make your recruitment process smoother than ever.

Recruitment CRM

Be more organised, collaborate and make more placements.

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Lead Management

Everything you need to know about your lead in one screen. Get complete details – including past conversations and scheduled tasks and appointments.


Close more deals faster and with fewer clicks: manage opportunities and send tracked emails to prospects in a couple of clicks. Convert won opportunities to jobs without losing any data.

Email Integration

360° integration with Gmail and Outlook helps you send, manage and track your emails from your sales CRM. Emails sent outside your CRM are tracked and assigned to relevant records.

Bulk Actions

Easily select multiple records in one go and perform bulk actions like updating statuses, adding tags add notes, assigning tasks, and changing owners.


Analyse and forecast your sales with Recruitly. Monitor your sales progress visually and understand results instantly with elegant, graphical tables and charts.

Recruitment CRM and ATS

Applicant Tracking System

Locate qualified candidates in a flash, boost productivity with UI that's easy to navigate and lightning fast.

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Candidate Management

Create candidate profiles using resume parsing, manage agency and internal resumes and send and track GDPR consents. Schedule interviews, add linked notes, and track all your emails – all in one place.

Search & Match

Recruitly eliminates the need to learn the intricacies of complex Boolean strings. Find the best candidates with our easy-to-use, intelligent search, reduce time spent finding the right resumes to deliver to clients.

Saved Searches

Save and share your searches, send emails and texts to searches. Link your searches to marketing distribution lists and send emails, build an inclusion or exclusion list using your saved search.

Job Management

Create and manage all your jobs in one place, accessible to all your teams. View applicants and notes, and post directly to job boards all from one place.

Visual Pipelines

Visualise your recruitment process over time. Candidates enter your pipeline at one end and, stage by stage, the more qualified candidates progress through the pipeline until they are placed.

Interview Management

Schedule and manage interviews – send interview emails and reminders to candidates and clients. Integrate with Google Calendar to keep your entire team on the same page.


Job Distribution

Stop wasting time posting to tens of job boards manually, advertise your vacancies to multiple job boards, social media, and to your website instantly.

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Promote Jobs

Post a single job to multiple job boards and social media instantly. Recruitly, enables a simple and reliable interface between candidates and recruiters.

Manage Job Applications

View and manage job applications in one place. Applications from various job boards and websites are captured by Recruitly automatically and presented to you on a single screen.

Measure Performance

Real-time ROI reporting makes it easier to focus your efforts and investments into sources that deliver quality candidates. Analyse the performance of your applications in comparison with your posted job adverts or placements.

Boost Application Rates

One of the most common reasons that candidates desert an application midway through is that the process is simply too long. We solved this problem elegantly by reducing the number of hops required to make a successful application.

Source Tracking

Automated and intelligent tracking of distributed job listings lets you know how your sources are performing, leading to true ROI.


Configurable auto-response email templates to acknowledge job applications and to communicate with candidates throughout hiring pipeline.

Bespoke Integrations

With minimal or no cost we can hook any job-board of your choice into Recruitly in a matter of days with our job-board integration service.

Website Integration

Convert your website into a fully featured job-board in minutes using Recruitly’s FREE WordPress and Elementor plugins.



Reach your audience and improve your branding, with an email marketing solution built right into your recruitment database.

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Email Campaigns

Send e-shots directly from Recruitly, and create stunning campaigns for lead generation and engagement.

Email Templates

Create branded and re-usable email templates with our easy-to-use HTML editor.

Distribution Lists

Create static or dynamic email distribution lists and link with one of your saved searches.

Bounce Check

We safeguard your sender reputation by validating emails and checking for bounces before actually sending.

Dedicated IP

You can opt for a dedicated IP address to take full control of emails sent from your IP to increase inbox placements.


Monitor your campaign performance using built-in dashboards.



Turn your WordPress website into a fully featured job-board using our WordPress and Elementor plugins.

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WordPress Plugin

Recruitly WordPress plugin offers dynamic short-codes and allows you to easily build a unique job-board that fit your business requirements.

Elementor Widgets

Build your website even faster with Recruitly widgets for Elementor and customise your job-board using drag & drop components.

Lead Forms

Using lead generator module build custom web forms to capture information from your website visitors and store the data as Leads and Opportunities in your database.

Candidate Forms

Build custom web forms and accept CVs from the candidates by simply placing a piece of HTML code on your website.

Job Application Forms

Using the built-in form designer you can customise the job application forms to capture the most relevant information for the role including files.

Bespoke Design

Let us handle the website design and integration work for you. Talk to us to discuss your bespoke needs.
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Search & Import

Access extensive CV Database of CV-Library and TotalJobs from your Recruitly ATS platform.

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Keyword search using boolean search and filter results using multiple criteria, including salary, location, education and recent activity.

Preview Profiles

Preview candidate profiles without spending your credits. You can download CVs or view them online and assign to a job.

Import CVs

With a single click import candidate into your Recruitly database and assign the candidate to the Job.

Latest CV Check

Receive instant CV alerts when a candidate has updated their profile on CV-Library. You can also view and import CV instantly.

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