Recruitly empowers your recruitment, marketing and sales teams to collaborate better with each other and seamlessly manage all the leads, opportunities, clients and candidates effectively.


Collaborate with your teams

Share thoughts, ideas, workloads and tasks with your colleagues easily and effortlessly!

Recruitly is equipped with team collaboration features, such as comment threads, mentions, messages, and email updates, making it easy to communicate effectively with remote and virtual teams.

Be it working with a client to close a deal, liaising with candidates, sharing task status updates, notes, and other correspondence, recruiters will have access to the same information from any place in the world and the shared correspondence view increases visibility among the team members.

Collaborate with your clients

Give your clients the much-needed transparency throughout each task!

Offer a branded client portal within a centralised and secure environment. Allow your clients to simply log in, review candidates, upload and view files, have discussions and communicate, organise tasks, set events and much more without having to go back and forth on emails.

Using the Candidate Sharing/CV Floating functionality you can securely and safely share candidate profiles with your clients and receive feedback and also measure your campaign's success.

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Collaborate with your candidates

Increase visibility and stay organised with Recruitly applicant tracking system (ATS)

Recruitly allows you to source, manage, and recruit from a single platform. Your team can share and access notes and feedback about every candidate in the pipeline reducing the likelihood of crossed wires, helping everyone work in tandem.

Offer a professional and branded candidate portal to your candidates where they can securely update their information, track the progress of their application and feel empowered and in control of their process.

Take a look at ATS features of Recruitly or talk to us today to find out how Recruitly helps your team collaborate with your candidates effectively.

Let's grow together

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