Seamless connectivity between your Recruitly CRM and third-party applications result in automated actions and expand the functionality of your Recruitly CRM, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between systems.  Businesses integrated with disparate systems enjoy a greater year-over-year increase in annual revenue compared to others.

Make better decisions

Connected systems lead to virtual data centralisation, giving your team a more accurate and complete picture of your business. Your staff will feel empowered and they make better decisions.


Integratewith Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365

Integrating your Recruitly CRM with Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 increases productivity, eliminates data silos, and helps your recruitment teams refocus from tedious administrative tasks to what they do best - recruiting.

Integratewith your website

Allowing candidates to come to you can save you effort and time trying to attract those very candidates.

Convert your website into a fully featured job-board with our WordPress and Elementor plugins and seamlessly integrate your website with Recruitly and feature job openings, customised forms, pre-screening questions, and more.

Integratewith top job-boards

It is vital to be able to post directly to job boards from your ATS with a single click. Recruitly integrates with the leading job boards across a range of industries.

We fully integrate via API with your chosen job boards, using unique feed details. This means you can seamlessly publish directly to multiple job boards of your choice.

This is a massive time saver, especially if you are using multiple job sites and don’t want to post the same role individually on each of these platforms.

Integratewith social media

Publish jobs to your company social media accounts and let candidates apply quickly and easily with less number of clicks.

Recruitly ATS allows you to share your jobs on social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp. Unique link generated for each medium ensures efficient source tracking.

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