Essential checklist for startupsTo ease the pain of setting up your business, we complied an essential checklist for you. Talk to our friendly support team if you need help with any of the items below.

1. Get a Decent Laptop

A fast and highly performing laptop will make a significant difference as it helps you save a lot of time without you realising.

MacBook (Recrutly’s choice)


2. Buy a Domain Name

This should be on top of your agenda today if you have not already done so, it only takes a few minutes to register a new domain. (Recrutly’s choice)


3. Web Hosting

Reliable web hosting is essential to build and serve a website, and the provider you choose to host your website matters.

TSO Host (Recrutly’s choice)


4. Email Hosting

Never choose a FREE email service provider. GDPR compliant and secure email solution is a must for your business as you exchange confidential information with your candidates and clients.

G Suite by Google (Recrutly’s choice)


5. Website

Your website is the single most important marketing tool for your business. Your clients and candidates judge the credibiity of your business based on your website design.

Recruitly (Recrutly’s choice)

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