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Common Questions

Frequently asked questions about Recruitly

Recruitly is a cloud-based software – all you need is a web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox to access it. You can also use our mobile app to recruit on the go. Recruitly is available on Apple and Android.

Recruitly is a pay-as-you-go service – excluding 1-Week FREE trial all payments should be made upfront before using the service.

If the Customer’s place of business is within the UK we will add UK VAT to our fees at the then current rate. If your place of business is in the EU (excluding the UK) and we are not obliged to charge you VAT (due to current applicable law), we will only exclude VAT from invoices if you provide us with a valid VAT registration number or other proof that you are using the Service for business purposes.

You own your data and you can download all the data and/or terminate your account anytime you wish with no additional charges.

Recruitly is only responsible for safe-guarding your data according to the local country laws.

Recruitly exclusively makes use of data centre in the European Union and all data centre therefore fall outside the Patriot Act jurisdiction. Its main data centre are operated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) . The services provided by AWS and GCP are ISO 27001, CSA STAR, and SOC 2 certified.

Recruitly meets the highest possible bar for data privacy. We also support organisations using Recruitly while meeting data privacy obligations within the EU.

We have successfully migrated customers from all other major applicant tracking systems and we will work with you to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible. Please talk to our friendly support team via chat.

Yes. Recruitly is a pay as you go service with no long term contracts and commitments. You can cancel, upgrade and downgrade your account at any time via the subscription management page of your Recruitly account.


Recruitly is responsible for:

  • Guaranteed availability of the services with 99.99% up-time SLA
  • Prior notice of maintenance in the event of security patching during business hours
  • Live Chat support from 8.00am to 6.00pm
  • Backup of customer data
  • Security and disaster recovery
  • Right to terminate for breaches of SLA
  • Service credits for breaches of SLA
  • Live Chat support from 8.00am to 6.00pm
  • You will have access to online user guides
  • In-person training sessions at our offices or on site (paid per session)