Forever comes with an expiry date

Watch Out ! Nowadays forever comes with an expiry date..

When your attic is full of really old stuff, a garage sale always is a sigh of relief + it gets you some extra bucks. That feeling is called ‘letting loose for good’.

Piling up on historic data without a track on its variety of change results to be garbage data. You cannot use that data for your business, especially when the game of your business relies on your database.

#Horror #Fear #RecruitlyCanSolveItForYou.

What if I say now automation has taken over all the tedious tasks? Well, you could totally believe me.

The system will keep a track of all the records and documents you have. All you will need to do is define a date at which you want to trigger a document expiry and the system will do it for you.

But wait,  how will you know?

You can set up the number of days before which you want to receive a notification email. Once you receive an email, you know exactly what action you need to take.

Why would you want to do that?


  1. Document gets into unauthorized hands;
  2. Has a fixed life before the content goes out of date;
  3. Is for evaluation prior to acceptance/purchase;
  4. Gives limited rights, such as only 1 printed copy;
  5. Is being used in the wrong location;
  6. Be expired until formally released.

And the main reason would be to keep your data “up to date”.

What about CV’s?

We have also introduced a feature called “CV expiry”. We all know that a CV is the most crucial document for a candidate. It defines them. Now would you like accessing outdated job and experience details of a candidate for a fresh job vacancy?

Won’t make sense right??

With Recruitly you can now set up a expiry date when a CV is uploaded. Before the CV is expired the system will inform you and you can touch base with the candidate once again to renovate the database a little.

Automate your processes with Recruitly and save time. To learn how you can be on top of your game email us at