Recruiters work-from-home survival guide

In the wake of COVID-19, work from home is no more a choice but a necessity.

“Work from Home” – Sounds cool, you can work at your own convenience, your space and best of all your time. But NO, in reality it is not that easy as it sounds.

In the wake of COVID-19, work from home is no more a choice but a necessity. So let’s take a look on the challenges you can face and the solution that can help you create a work environment at home.

Recruiters, this is dedicated to you.


1. Not having your team/colleagues around

In your workplace one thing that speeds up processes is having the concerned individual right next to you. The interaction, the discussion and brainstorming makes a hell of a difference in your pattern and quality of work.


Working from home cannot give you the same comfort that your workplace provides you with, but using a chat system can definitely reduce your problem upto 98%. You can use softwares like Slack, Facebook Workplace, Skype etc. The main vision here is to convert your thoughts into words and display them. If you think writing is slowing you down, feel free to use the conference call options on the software. Go Nuts!

2. Task Coordination among teams

It is a fact, getting updated in real time about tasks yields the maximum amount of productivity. And when you have various members to handle, keeping a tab on each one becomes a nightmare.


Who says micromanaging is the only solution to keep yourself updated? Infact, setting up an organised structure can make your life so much easier. Using systems like Trello, where tasks can be followed in real time, can give you the same or even better output. Create tasks and assign them. All you need to do is then sit back and view the progress.

3. Office set up/ WIFI

There is a seperate LAN + WIFI connection in most of the offices, so continuous and high speed internet is never a problem. This helps you in quick and smooth communication internally or externally.


a) Get a WIFI connection which has a decent of at least 15-20Mbps. b) Use software that is not too heavy. Now what this means is, most of the speed that we need is during client video or audio calls or whichever your priority tasks are. Use a software like Zoom which works perfectly with a minimum amount of internet connectivity too.

You can use this externally as well as internally.

4. Managing your database

Sharing emails, profiles and comments among users is straight forward while you are in a group of recruiters. Calling out about a record is super easy.


Use an ATS system that serves your requirement. Recruitly is a centralised database that all your users will have access to. You can use the @Mentions feature to call out users, create tasks to set up an assignment, view records and check user activity.

5. Motivation

A work environment makes a very huge difference on your motivation level. When you see work happening is when your confidence rises to a certain level.


You can get distracted very easily at home. Well, this is really an intangible aspect that no software can fix but a few tips can surely be of help.
Take some time to think about or work on ideas that you normally cannot due to the chaos. Great ideas come when you have the blissful silence. Constantly be in touch with your team to keep the wheel moving. Observe. Spend some time keenly observing your teams working style. You will understand your workplace better. Home errands- Now because you are at home, there are additional chores that may come in between you and your work. Allot a time and stick to it.

Working from home is a different experience all together which in my opinion one should at least once be a part of. It works on your agility and adaptive ability. It is a small proof of how you can take up and manage challenges out of your comfort zone.

Stay Safe!

Sylvina Roy Joseph
Customer Success Manager