Our mission is to use technology to simplify recruitment processes.

Simplifying recruitment since 2015

We take pride in helping small businesses – we love being part of their journey and helping them to grow (because we know that’s where it all starts).

We are successfully serving over 1000 clients in the UK as of Q3 2018.

Trusted Brand

We are one of the most trusted brands in the recruitment space.

We understand that you must be able to entrust your chosen recruitment software provider with one of your most valuable assets: your data. To gain that trust, we continue to invest in technology and resources to build security and privacy into our platform. We operate a policy of transparency and aim to provide you with the information#1 you need to feel confident using Recruitly.

#1 We guard our customers' data with our life - but we don't like to boast about privacy infrastructure and put data at risk by involuntarily disclosing information that may or may not assist people with malicious intent.

Our customers speak for us

Recruitly's greatest strength is it's loyal customers. It is not easy to earn the trust and respect without providing an outstanding product with fantastic service. We listen to our customers 24/7 and constantly listen to their feedback - which enables us to offer what our clients really want.

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