Essential tools for agency recruiters

From parsing resumes and tracking emails to interview scheduling - Recruitly has a number of features to make your recruitment process smoother than ever.

Lead Management

Everything you need to know about your lead in one screen. Get complete details - including past conversations and scheduled tasks and appointments.


Close more deals faster and with fewer clicks: manage opportunities and send tracked emails to prospects in a couple of clicks. Convert won opportunities to jobs without losing any data.

Lead Generators

Take new website leads straight into your Recruitly CRM with our lead generator web forms. You can even build forms with the fields of your choice and assign them to the relevant salesperson.

Email Integration

360° integration with Gmail and Outlook helps you send, manage and track your emails from your sales CRM. Emails sent outside your CRM are tracked and assigned to relevant records.

Bulk Actions

Easily select multiple records in one go and perform bulk actions like updating statuses, adding tags add notes, assigning tasks, and changing owners.


Analyse and forecast your sales with Recruitly. Monitor your sales progress visually and understand results instantly with elegant, graphical tables and charts.

Candidate Management

Create candidate profiles using resume parsing, manage agency and internal resumes and send and track GDPR consents. Schedule interviews, add linked notes, and track all your emails - all in one place.

Search & Match

Recruitly eliminates the need to learn the intricacies of complex Boolean strings.

Find the best candidates with our easy-to-use, intelligent search, reduce time spent finding the right resumes to deliver to clients.

Saved Searches

Save and share your searches, send emails and texts to searches.

Link your searches to marketing distribution lists and send emails, build an inclusion or exclusion list using your saved search.

Job Management

Create and manage all your jobs in one place, accessible to all your teams. View applicants and notes, and post directly to job boards all from one place.

Visual Pipelines

Visualise your recruitment process over time. Candidates enter your pipeline at one end and, stage by stage, the more qualified candidates progress through the pipeline until they are placed.

Interview Management

Schedule and manage interviews - send interview emails and reminders to candidates and clients. Integrate with Google Calendar to keep your entire team on the same page.

Job Posting

Post a single job to multiple job boards instantly. Recruitly, enables a simple and reliable interface between candidates and recruiters.

Manage Applications

View and manage job applications in one place. Applications from various job boards and websites are captured by Recruitly automatically and presented to you on a single screen.

ATS Reports

Use reports to view and analyse your team's performance, get insights into your entire recruitment processes, and make informed business decisions.

Email Campaigns

Send e-shots directly from Recruitly, and create stunning campaigns for lead generation and engagement.

Email Templates

Create branded and re-usable email templates with our easy-to-use HTML editor.

Distribution Lists

Create static distribution lists or link with one of your saved searches.

Bounce Check

We safeguard your sender reputation by validating emails and checking for bounces before actually sending.

Dedicated IP

You can opt for a dedicated IP address to take full control of emails sent from your IP to increase inbox placements.


Monitor your campaign performance using built-in dashboards.


Configure the GDPR setup for all your records without the need to integrate with any other system. You can design and implement your own version according to your relevant legal base.

Consent Requests

Send automated GDPR consent requests with your content. Your contacts can read and approve the specified text, which will act as permission to use their data.


GDPR badges allow you to immediately gauge whether a contact or candidate record has provided consent, and Recruitly lets you send a request on the fly if required.

GDPR Manager

Provides you with charts and graphs to study the health of the database. Filter approved and denied records and take action accordingly.


Weigh the usability of your database with an overview of your GDPR requests. Track your consent rate based on approval and denial records.

LinkedIn Extension

Google chrome extension for LinkedIn helps you generate Leads, source Candidates and create Contact records on the fly.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields and assign them to your records. Define new fields by selecting a range of question types for various modules.

Email Integration

360° integration with Gmail and Outlook in just single click. One inbox that captures everything and creates beautiful activity timelines.

Calendar Integration

Keep you calendars in sync by linking your Recruitly calendar with Google calendar.

2-Way Text & Voice

Send a text message directly from the system and receive replies, too. All communication is stacked under the respective Recruitly record.

Linked Notes

Link progress notes with several contacts within your database.

Tasks & Reminders

Set up tasks for yourself and receive reminders. You can manage tasks for your team members to set up targets as well.

Resume Parsing

Recruitly's super fast and efficient resume parser helps reduces clicks and increases data accuracy.

Email Templates

Create professional branded email templates, use placeholders and merge tags to personalise the content.


Let the system take care of your recurring tasks, configure auto-responses, and save time.


Migrate your data into the system hassle free. Don't leave your old work behind. Upgrading your choices should not mean starting from scratch.

Designed for recruiters

Recruitly is designed with productivity in mind. Our intuitive UI keeps the clutter away and lets you focus on what really matters.

All-in-one Recruitment
Scrolling List
Candidate Profiles
Pipeline Actions
Job Adverts

Click a wish

You click and we answer. Thanks to our time saving system filters!

System Filters

Customisable Pipelines

Visualise your recruitment process across time using customisable pipelines!

ATS Pipelines

Beauty is in the detail

Every screen and every section is carefully designed to be clean and minimalistic. After all, nobody likes clutter.

Candidate Profiles


Recruitly reports are every bit as beautiful as they are insightful. Recruitly's reporting capabilities go well beyond traditional reporting, providing drilled down metrics with cohort analysis, conversion reports, advanced analytics and more.


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